Las Vegas Party Theme Ideas

Las Vegas Party Theme Ideas
 by: Dee Schrock

Bring the fun and excitement of Las Vegas, baby, to your home and friends by hosting a Las Vegas-themed party! Throw on your boas and top hats to host in Vegas style!

Activity Ideas

* Give each guest poker chips, play money, and dice when they arrive.
* Rolling dice games are easy, and you can set your own rules such as rolling odds, a specific number, or pairs.
* Blackjack & 21 are easy, popular games.
* Have friends dressed in black & white serve as dealers.


* Hanging fuzzy dice and lots of black and red balloons.
* Line the area with casino themed posters and art.
* Use as many mirrors in your party room as you have.
* Dim the lights, and add the flash with blinking white Christmas lights.
* Use poster board to create large playing cards and dice.
* Spray paint gold statues (second hand store items).
* Playing card piñatas.
* Hang large playing cards suit cutouts on the walls.


Purchase decks of cards and place an invitation inside. The decks can be mailed or hand-delivered to each recipient.


* Use a buffet to reflect Vegas style.
* Have different stations throughout the room with finger foods and snacks.
* The best drinks include popular mixed drinks and beer.
* Be sure to have soda on hand for the non-alcoholic set as well as water for all.


Wayne Newton, Frank Sinatra, or Neil Diamond music is a must!

Have a high-rollin’ affair!

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