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Sangria. Not Just for Tourists

Sangria is a wine fruit punch that originated from the warm Mediterranean region and started as a summer drink in Spain and Portugal. Sangria is no more limited to Spain, but is a popular drink worldwide. Unlike many other drinks Sangria is one of the simple pleasures which can be enjoyed in every season and throughout the year.

But, as summer sizzles, when it is hot and muggy, chilled sangria is very refreshing adding to summertime fun.

Traditional Spanish drink stepped out to reach millions worldwide when it was introduced to world at New York World’s trade fair held in 1964. This refreshing drink was served at Spanish world area and was an immediate success. As it gained more and more popularity and was accepted by people worldwide, Sangria was soon imported under the label Yago Sant’gria.

Traditional sangria is made from Spanish red wine, fresh juices, fruits and soda. It is known as Sangria Blanca when prepared by using white wine. Sangria find its traces back to greatest wine region of Spain, Rioja region. Fruits blend well with red wine giving the drink a blood red color. The color of the drink justifies its name which is derived from the Spanish word for blood.

The best part about Sangria is it is extremely easy to make in spite of being very exotic sounding and delicious. The first step in the making of Sangria is to choose your wine. Rioja should be your choice if you are looking for a traditional Spanish taste. Pour the wine into a large glass pitcher, in which Sangria is served throughout the Spain.

Now, after you have your favorite wine in the pitcher, time to add some fruits. Orange is the standard fruit generally used in Sangria, but there is no restriction in using other fruits too. Fruits should be cut into thin pieces. Put the piece into the pitcher after squeezing the juice into it.

Drink should be left for few hours so that fruits will get time to blend up with the wine to give it a natural juicy flavor. If you want to give your drink a sweet taste, you can use sweetener like honey or sugar. You can also add hard drinks like vodka or gin in your drink as per your taste.

Sangria is served chilled by adding Ice and soda just before serving.
No matter where in Spain you are, Sangria is available at almost every place in Spain. The fun part with sangria is you cannot stop yourself from trying it at various places due to the change in its taste with place.

You can also modify your punch to suit your taste. You can prepare your perfect Sangria by trying different ingredients.

Alcoholic beverages like beer and other cosmopolitans are high in calories and may lead to health complaints. With growing awareness among people about their health and body, people are more concerned about what they eat and drink. In such a scenario high calorie alcohols doesn’t seem to be a good choice. Drinking and partying with friends has its own fun. But if you are looking for a drink which compliments your diet, fantastic in taste and easy to prepare, Sangria is for you.

Sangria may not be the healthiest drink, but is much healthy when compared to most of the alcohols. It’s low in carbohydrate while containing all the vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Healthy fruits added in it provide us with lots of vitamins and minerals along with cancer-fighting, heart-healthy antioxidants benefits which are provided by red wine.

Sangria is now considered fashionable not only in Spain but worldwide. Alcohol is being replaced by Sangria in parties.

You can be the coolest one among your folks by serving them with something which is classier, healthy and tastes great. You can enjoy and go partying and drinking leaving all other worries to the healthy and tasty Sangria

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