Traditional Armenian Barbecue Recipe

Traditional Armenian Barbecue Recipe
 by: Armen Hareyan

Each nation or ethnic group has its own way of making barbecue. Everyone has heard of so many various Barbecue sauces and an average supermarket is full of them.

Armenian barbecue stands uniquely next to Southern American Barbecue, Eastern Mediterranean Shish Kabob and Greek Gyros. Before you make your barbecue you should always be circumspective of barbecue safety issues and the information at on barbecue safety is always good to know.

Armenian Barbecue Ingredients:

2 pounds of pork meat
1 onion
Salt and Pepper (Black Pepper and Red Pepper)
Basil Leaves

Cut the pork meat into small pieces and add to it very small chopped onion. Add salt, pepper and some basil leaves. Mix all of them together very well and leave in the refrigerator for few hours so the taste of the salt, pepper and the basil leaves penetrates inside the meat.

Prepare the grill (can also be done inside the oven). As the grill is warming up, put the meat on skewers and line them up over the grill. The skewer is very much desired so you can equally turn the meat around and let all of it’s part cook well.

When ready, serve with tomato sauce and red wine.

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