Great Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Thanks to Tony/gamelaner on Flikr for use of the photo

Great Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Throwing a party for Cinco de Mayo needs only a few elements to make it great – fun and food.  If you can get these two things then the people will come (and will be glad they did).  With just a little time and energy, and these Cinco de Mayo party ideas you will be able to plan the perfect Cinco de Mayo party for you and your friends.

Most adults are kids at heart; they like good, fun party games as much as the next person.  Take a few of the children’s party games that you enjoyed as children and give them a twist to make them a bit more grown up and more along the Cinco de Mayo theme.

Hold a treasure hunt with five being the theme.  Create clues that are related to the holiday and its history.  Buy or create a gift basket filled with five different items that will go to the first person who discovers the treasure.

Play the safety pin game: Give a safety pin to your guests as they arrive.  If they hear someone say the words five or Cinco then they can claim that person’s pin (or pins if that person has accumulated more).  The person with the most pins at the end of the party wins a prize (that goes along with the five theme, of course).

Games won’t keep them occupied all the time.  Food is important to the success of any party.  Be sure to include all the favorite traditional American-Mexican foods – tacos, tortillas, avocados and nachos.  It would also be a good idea to include more authentic Mexican food, but try to keep the dishes limited to things that can be eaten easily while people are walking around mingling (unless you are planning a full, sit-down dinner).

A fun and different idea for your Cinco de Mayo party is to have dance lessons.  You could choose Mexican folk dancing (be sure to have some inexpensive skirts and hats for the participants to wear) or try a more modern Latin-American style dance like the cha-cha or merengue (which is actually a fairly easy dance to master).  It would also be entertaining to have the dance instructors put on an exhibition dance for you and the guests.  Be sure that there is plenty of room if you are planning to make dancing an important aspect of the party.

Throwing a great Cinco de Mayo party is just like throwing a great party any other time of the year.  You need to take time to plan the gathering, be sure there is plenty of food, and arrange suitable fun entertainment for the guests.

Thanks to Tony/gamelaner on Flikr for use of the photo

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