Memorial Day Game Ideas

On Memorial Day (the last Monday in May), we commemorate those who fought and died for our country, as well as those who are still fighting for freedom.  You can recognize the commitment of our men and women around the world by honoring them with a special family ceremony by lowering your flag to half mast.  Say a prayer for them and their safe return home.

usa-flag-with-cloudsMost likely, you will be celebrating Memorial Day by having a BBQ; so here are some Memorial Day game ideas for all the family to enjoy, some of which will also help you remember and share the reason for the holiday.

* Play a game of touch football

* If you have permission to have your BBQ at your local park take along your baseball or softball gear and have a quick game.

* If you’re at the park, have a relay race – either separate races for adults and children or mix the teams so your evenly matched.

* Get those board games out, especially if it’s raining.

* Play charades – you could even make it Memorial Day themed with events, prominent people, TV shows, movies and books based on the military.

* Get out those kite kits and have everyone make their own kite. It would be wonderful if you can have kites with American flags.

* Play word games, such as naming a state for every letter of the alphabet

* Put on Sing Star or CDs and sing along to patriotic or US themed music
There are so many Memorial Day game ideas you can come up with besides the ones mentioned here.  While there are families across this nation who may not want to participate in Memorial Day games for obvious reasons, perhaps as an act of kindness you can pay a visit to families in your area who have lost a son or daughter.

Most importantly, remember to attend the Memorial Day Parade in your town or city, and as you enjoy the day, think about its meaning and share that with the younger members of your family.


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