5 Fun Cinco de Mayo Games

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5 Fun Cinco de Mayo Games

Celebrations of Cinco de Mayo are all about the number five.  Food comes in fives, fives are incorporated into the decorations, and now here are five fun Cinco de Mayo party games to help make your next celebration a success.

1.  Forget Pin the Tail on the Donkey:  Honor the man who led the Mexicans to the famous victory that sparked the Cinco de Mayo holiday.  Pin the medal on Benito Juarez.  You can add to the fun by making one person at the party the hero, but don’t tell anyone who it is.  Guests can ask each other questions to try and determine who they should pin the medal on in order to win a prize.

2.  Take musical chairs to a whole new level.  Clear a room of furniture and place one chair for each of your guests around the room up against the wall.  Place an equal number of sombreros in the center of the floor and let your guests dance round them to the traditional tune of the Mexican Hat Dance.  When the music stops, everyone must grab a sombrero, put it on their head and find a seat.  After one trial run, start removing a chair and a sombrero on each round.  The last guest standing gets a prize (or his or her choice of sombrero).

3.  Watch what you say.  As each guest arrives, pin a festive pin on their collar.  The object of the game is NOT to say Cinco or five during the course of the night.  If someone gets caught saying one of those words, they must surrender the pin to the person that catches them.  At the end of the night, the person with the most pins is declared the winner.  You can offer them a prize or just let them keep the spoils of the game.

4.  Piñatas may seem like kids stuff, but it all depends on what you stuff the piñata with.  Get some small and inexpensive prizes to fill your piñata and let your adult guests take turns swinging at it.  You can handicap the men (or everyone if you think it more sensible) by blindfolding them AND tying their writing hand behind their backs.  It’s also fun to have someone controlling the height of the piñata (by moving it up and down with a pulley system).  Be sure there is plenty of room for guests to swing the stick and not hit anyone else or damage any ornaments or furniture – this could get out-of-hand!

5.  Build a better taco.  Pair up your guests and ask one of the pair to stand behind the other.  Blindfold the guest that is behind so that they can’t peak.  Now the person in front needs to put their hands behind their back and the person behind needs to weave his hands through the first guest so that their arms become the arms of the guest in front.  At the word go, the partnership must build and eat one taco.  The winning team gets a great prize.

The key to a great Cinco de Mayo celebration is to offer lots of variety, great food and games, and to have fun yourself.

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