Party Goodie Bag Ideas

Party Goodie Bag Ideas

If you’re planning the next big party for your child, don’t forget about the goodie bags. Kids love parties because there is usually some type of gift-giving involved. As you get ready for your party, keep these party goodie bag ideas handy.

Age matters
If you are inviting kids from a large age range, be sure to incorporate gifts for each appropriate age group. Here’s a good rule of thumb to remember: 2-3 years age difference is no big deal, but an age difference of 4 or more years will require greater consideration as to what type of gifts to include in your goodie bag.

Size matters
Kids love to compare. The “mine’s bigger than your’s” syndrome will probably never die. When planning your goodie bags, remember to include a comparative variety in every bag. This will prevent a big headache from whining kids.

Price doesn’t matter
Don’t feel pressured to purchase high-ticket items to put inside your goodie bags. Kids are often so excited about the party itself that they don’t pay very much attention to the gifts. While you don’t want to necessarily purchase the cheapest things on the shelf, don’t feel like you have to buy expensive or flashy gifts to include in your gift bags.

Quality is better than quantity
Stay away from buying lots of small, cheap toys and items that will simply fill your goodie bags. As an alternative, search for quality items that will last and that the kids will want to use over and over again.

Quick Ideas
Some fun party goodie bag ideas include: party-themed plastic kid-sized cups, colorful pencils, small notepads, plastic jacks and ball, stickers, plastic hand clappers and kazoos.

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