Everybody Needs a Party Planning Friend (or Two)

 Everybody Needs a Party Planning Friend (or Two)

One major mistake that many party planners make is to think they can, and should, do everything themselves. There is no rule that says you cannot ask for help. In fact, enlisting a few helpers will take the pressure off you AND make your friends or family members feel useful.

I am sure you have friends or family who have talents in areas that you don’t. Ask a friend with Calligraphy skills to write out some beautiful invitations; ask an artistic friend to help with decorations; ask a friend with flower arranging skills to create a striking floral arrangement…

Most people will be happy to help if they have the time and skills (and an invite to the party, of course!)

On the day of the party, ask one or two people to help with various aspects of the event. Put one person in charge of keeping everybody’s drinks topped up. If you are having a buffet, ask a friend to help you with ushering guests to the buffet table and handing out plates and napkins. To make them feel extra special, invite them to join you before the party begins to share a pre-party drink and tell them your plans for the event. Your friends will then know what is meant to happen and the sort of atmosphere you wish to create – and, if there are any problems or you are busy elsewhere, they can show initiative and step in to help.

Don’t forget to send them a thank you note or letter, and maybe a small gift, for lending their time and skills.

So, don’t try to do it all yourself. Use the talents of those around you and enjoy feeling some of the weight lifting from your shoulders.

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