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Sangria. Not Just for Tourists

Sangria is a wine fruit punch that originated from the warm Mediterranean region and started as a summer drink in Spain and Portugal. Sangria is no more limited to Spain, but is a popular drink worldwide. Unlike many other drinks Sangria is one of the simple pleasures which can be enjoyed in every season and throughout the year.

But, as summer sizzles, when it is hot and muggy, chilled sangria is very refreshing adding to summertime fun.

Traditional Spanish drink stepped out to reach millions worldwide when it was introduced to world at New York World’s trade fair held in 1964. This refreshing drink was served at Spanish world area and was an immediate success. As it gained more and more popularity and was accepted by people worldwide, Sangria was soon imported under the label Yago Sant’gria.

Traditional sangria is made from Spanish red wine, fresh juices, fruits and soda. It is known as Sangria Blanca when prepared by using white wine. Sangria find its traces back to greatest wine region of Spain, Rioja region. Fruits blend well with red wine giving the drink a blood red color. The color of the drink justifies its name which is derived from the Spanish word for blood.

The best part about Sangria is it is extremely easy to make in spite of being very exotic sounding and delicious. The first step in the making of Sangria is to choose your wine. Rioja should be your choice if you are looking for a traditional Spanish taste. Pour the wine into a large glass pitcher, in which Sangria is served throughout the Spain.

Now, after you have your favorite wine in the pitcher, time to add some fruits. Orange is the standard fruit generally used in Sangria, but there is no restriction in using other fruits too. Fruits should be cut into thin pieces. Put the piece into the pitcher after squeezing the juice into it.

Drink should be left for few hours so that fruits will get time to blend up with the wine to give it a natural juicy flavor. If you want to give your drink a sweet taste, you can use sweetener like honey or sugar. You can also add hard drinks like vodka or gin in your drink as per your taste.

Sangria is served chilled by adding Ice and soda just before serving.
No matter where in Spain you are, Sangria is available at almost every place in Spain. The fun part with sangria is you cannot stop yourself from trying it at various places due to the change in its taste with place.

You can also modify your punch to suit your taste. You can prepare your perfect Sangria by trying different ingredients.

Alcoholic beverages like beer and other cosmopolitans are high in calories and may lead to health complaints. With growing awareness among people about their health and body, people are more concerned about what they eat and drink. In such a scenario high calorie alcohols doesn’t seem to be a good choice. Drinking and partying with friends has its own fun. But if you are looking for a drink which compliments your diet, fantastic in taste and easy to prepare, Sangria is for you.

Sangria may not be the healthiest drink, but is much healthy when compared to most of the alcohols. It’s low in carbohydrate while containing all the vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Healthy fruits added in it provide us with lots of vitamins and minerals along with cancer-fighting, heart-healthy antioxidants benefits which are provided by red wine.

Sangria is now considered fashionable not only in Spain but worldwide. Alcohol is being replaced by Sangria in parties.

You can be the coolest one among your folks by serving them with something which is classier, healthy and tastes great. You can enjoy and go partying and drinking leaving all other worries to the healthy and tasty Sangria

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Barbecuing on Labor Day

 Barbecuing on Labor Day
By Kaliyath Achutha Kumar

Labor Day is a much awaited occasion in United States which is greeted by all sections of society with true and un-parallel enthusiasm and is declared as a federal holiday. A holiday is a holy day’ and of course it should be celebrated! As a part of the celebrations ‘barbecuing on Labor Day’ has become much popular. The day which was originally meant for commemorating the rights of the working class is now seen as a customary farewell given to summer season and is observed during the first Monday of September every year. This emblematic farewell has truly become a conventional rejoicing day throughout United States. This year’s exciting occasion comes on the seventh of September and many people add quality and charm to that auspicious day by arranging a ‘barbecuing on Labor Day’.

Barbecuing is really a treat by itself and ‘barbecuing on Labor Day’ will generate much more happiness because of the prevailing holiday mood! The whole atmosphere will be saturated with holiday vibrations and everywhere you will see the richness of excitement. Waves of the festive vibes will be having an upbeat mood creating a lively jubilation all round the place. People will be busy in arranging their own ways of celebrations and this creates a bubbly nature throughout the nation. ‘Barbecuing on Labor Day’ amidst this euphoria will generate tons of pleasure for you!

Summer will be fading away soon and the season’s last moments should be enjoyed in all possible ways! This kind of a ‘mind-set’ adds much glory to ‘barbecuing on Labor Day’! You can prefer outdoor table settings as it is still summer outside! Don’t go after extravagant decorative items but take care to give the area an appearance which suits the prevailing festive mood! If you can use paper plates it will be gainful and at the same time convenient also. You can find colored plates with matching cups, napkins and other accessories at every store. Another novel feature of the modern celebrations is the usage of ‘bogus leaves’ and ‘bogus ice-cubes’ which will be scattered around the table and the surrounding places. This symbolizes the fall of summer and arrival of winter and is an eloquent way of expression by which you can beautify ‘barbecuing on Labor Day’!

While arranging the decorations for the ‘barbecuing on Labor Day’ the whole area should be considered; not just the main area! You will have to give an alluring look to the entire place where you are conducting ‘barbecuing’. For example, if you have got some extra space after doing the table arrangement then you can ornament that part also with some fine decoration thereby making the whole area really polished! As the ‘barbecuing on Labor Day’ is conducted outdoors, decorate your balustrade in case if you have one, with some phony leaves and colorful lightings which certainly will add more charm to the whole setting! By managing these kinds of trifle looking matters in an intelligent way, you can really convert the entire scene of the ‘barbecuing on Labor Day’ into a lively spot! Now grab a special ‘barbecue recipe’ and go in a grand way! The net result will be a thrilling holiday, which will leave sweet remembrances in the hearts and souls of all the participants!

Kaliyath Achutha Kumar is a freelance article writer and has written a good number of articles including hundreds of travel related articles. He has recently started a blog on Kerala holidays:

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Coconut Oil: Fabulous Taste and Health Benefits

You may have heard that coconut oil is one of the hottest oils on the market – it’s with very good reason.

Not only is coconut oil delicious, its health benefits are profound, and each day they are becoming more widely recognized. Coconut oil been found to be a natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral agent. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are powerhouses; they’ve been found to be effective against disease of all sorts, including the all too common heart disease and cancer.

Coconut oil has unique properties that actually speed up the metabolism to make it easier for those with excess weight – to lose that weight. Coconut oil is also detoxifying, and can help you cleanse your body, simply by enjoying it regularly.And coconut oil is easy to add to any meal. Coconut oil can actually replace most oils used in cooking, and it’s a delicious butter substitute on breads, popcorn, rice, or pasta.

Coconut oil used to have a reputation as an unhealthy oil, but research consistently proves that to be wrong. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut were confused with the truly bad long chain fatty acids in animal products, and that is where the confusion arose. Fortunately, as more and more natural health experts promote the benefits of coconut oil, the correct information is reaching the public.

Besides being delicious in many meals, coconut oil is also a very effective skin moisturizer. Coconut oil is highly moisturizing and can repair the skin – it’s even known to prevent premature aging and wrinkling, all without any unnatural chemicals. And although it’s light and easily absorbed, coconut oil also forms a protective barrier on the skin which serves to keep harmful bacteria out of your body.  

Knowing this, don’t you think coconut oil is good addition to your family’s daily diet? You might be very surprised at what just a few tablespoons a day can do for you. You might even try using it as your daily moisturizer for added protection in our disease-ridden world.

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How To Create Balloon Arches


No matter what the type of function, the use of balloons always brings colour and decoration to the venue or room. Whether it is a special event, such as a birthday celebration, wedding anniversary, corporate event or even a dinner function, the addition of balloons will make an impact. The party hosts or organisers of the event may wish to create a wow factor for the guests attending. There are so many different functions and organisers want to create that wow factor to ensure that it is their event that is to be remembered. There are other ‘wow’ ideas such as ice sculptures or huge displays of flowers or drapes of fabric, all of which create an impression that the guests will remember. To really make an impression, one novel idea is to make a Balloon Arch or Balloon sculptures. Balloons, in their various bright colours can be used to form decorative and impressive looking displays. The eye-catching displays will make an colourful impact at any event. Balloon arches will compliment many events, whether it is a birthday, wedding, dinner or a special celebration. Many companies host conferences for their employees or events such as award dinners are other events where the Balloon Arch will also look terrific.

I am actually involved in a junior football club and at the end of each season, the Club hosts a presentation event for all the players who range from 7 years of age through to 18, and their parents. The club colours are blue and white and we have decked out the venue with blue and white balloons in the past to great effect.

Most of us, myself included will blow up the token dozen or so balloons for my own children’s birthday parties at home. Well, it is only the family coming round after all! So, unless you really have the desire for creating balloon arches or sculptures, and let’s be honest many of us do not, it would make sense to employ a company who is professional in creating a balloon arch or sculpture. Professional balloon decorators can be employed to produce an eye catching arch. The decorators will from experience have an eye in selecting the right choice of colour or combination of colours to create a stunning effect. The varied selection of many balloon colours means that the colour coordination options are endless. Balloons area available in basic colours, with pearl shine or metallic finishes, which when put together creatively, will adorn any venue, decor or room you have chosen. Whether the room is large or small, the effect will be stunning

The big advantage of using professional balloon party decorators of course is that they almost instinctively know how to create a balloon arch. It is important to measure the exact amount of helium to be used in each balloon to achieve the perfect size for the desired results. Electronic monitoring equipment is used to achieve the correct levels of helium. Too much and all the balloons would drift off to the ceiling.

Children always love to take a balloons home from the party.

So you want to become a balloon sculptor to create a balloon arch for your own party. Well it’s not as difficult as you may think. Like anything, as long you buy the right materials, have a little patience and perhaps an eye for creativity, then by following some step by step instructions, you have every chance of making a successful balloon arch.

So, here we go. How to make a Balloon Arch

What Materials do I need?

A quantity of Latex Balloons. How many exactly will depend on the size of the arch required, Nylon Line, similar to that used as fishing line. 2 Weights to hold the balloons down, a Balloon Sizer to measure the size of each balloon, Curling Ribbon for the finishing touches, and a Helium canister to blow the balloons up. No, you don’t have to blow each balloon up.

Step 1

Start by calculating the length of nylon line required using the formula below. Cut the line to the actual, length required.

Formula to calculate the Arch length

  • If the arch is wider than it is tall: Height + Width = approximate total length
  • If the arch height and width are about the same: (1.5 x Height) + Width = approximate total length
  • If the arch is taller than it is wide: (2 x Height) + Width = approximate total length

Step 2

Tie both ends to something heavy such as the back of a chair to hold the line in position while you work.

Step 3

inflate the balloons with helium. Use the balloon sizer to ensure that the balloons are the same size. If you don’t have a balloon sizer, cut out a circular template using cardboard.

Step 4

Tie the balloons on to the line. For consistency make sure that you always approach the line from the same side).

Step 5

Allow a space of approximately 12″ between each balloon. Once the balloons are tied on, they can be gently moved to start to form the shape you want and it will be secure on the line.

Step 6

When all the balloons have been tied on to the line, release the ends of the line from where or what you tied it to. To hold the arch in place, fix a suitable weight to either end of the arch. There are decorative weights available or wrap a heavy rock in foil for decoration. It may be helpful to have another pair of hands to help at this point

Step 7

Now add any accessories to decorate the arch such as tinsel or curling ribbon which can be allowed to drape across the balloons or hang down. If for example the arch is to be used at a wedding, maybe some tulle or net could be added to create a wedding effect.

And, that’s all there is to it. It does sound easy and it is. If you are creating a balloon arch for the first time, allow yourself a little time to build the arch. I wouldn’t have my first attempt ten minutes before the guests arrive. If you create an arch for a children’s party, bear in mind that many young children will want to take a balloon home with them afterwards, so always blow up a few single balloons for this purpose.

If you’re planning a company event why not use helium balloons to advertise your company name or message.

Why should I use Helium Balloons?

Balloons that are filled with helium gas are lighter than air. This means that the balloons will float upwards. How often do you see balloons from a party or event stuck to the ceiling? Or at the fairground, when a parent has spent £3.00 or so on a children’s favourite balloon and the child lets the balloon drift up to the sky? Good quality balloons and those used by professional balloon decorators are made from 100% biodegradable latex. This type of balloon is normally larger in size than those bought in most retail outlets. latex balloons filled with helium from your wholesale balloon supplier generally only retain their buoyancy for a few hours. The reason being that, the helium atoms inside the balloon are smaller in size than the pores in the balloons latex body and therefore the helium atoms escape. Should you want to increase the float time of helium balloons for up to a week, the inside of the balloons will need to be coated with a special polymer solution to reduce the leakage of the helium.

Safety and environmental concerns

When you see a balloon drifting off into the distant sky, how often have you wondered how far that balloon will travel? Well, once released into the atmosphere, helium filled balloons will usually travel quite a long way before they finally burst or deflate. It is estimated that around 90/95% of balloons released will rise to an altitude of about 5 miles. At this height the dramatic fall in temperature will cause the balloon to shatter into tiny fragments which will drift gently back to earth where they will degrade into the ground. Hence the reason that balloons are made from biodegradable latex. The latex used to make balloons comes from the Hevea tree or rubber tree. So balloons are completely biodegradable and to colour the latex non-toxic dyes are used. Through research it has been proven that latex balloons degrade faster than leaves from oak trees. Oxidation occurs in the breakdown of latex and begins almost as soon as the balloon is inflated. As the balloon decays by natural exposure the nutrients contained in the latex are dispersed into the soil. {Most rubber tree plantations are in South and South East Asia.}

Balloon Sculptures and Arches

Hundreds of balloons may be required for sculptures and arches. It is important to identify the space available and then calculate what is required. The height and width of the structure will be confined by the space available. Some professional balloon decorators have attempted some very ambitious balloon sculptures. Some of the balloon sculptures you may also be familiar with are the creation of animals from long thin balloons. These are particularly entertaining at children’s parties. Balloon arches will create a lasting impression at any occasion. A simple single row of colourful pearl latex balloons with complementary ribbons is often the most popular choice of structure. This type of display is popular at wedding receptions and is often designed as a focal point for the couple to pass through. The single row display can be used to create a frame to outline other displays or as a photographic point. Alternatively, this design style can be used simply to enhance a feature at the venue. To hold the arch in place, why not create a hand-made weight covered by a bow to hold the arch in place. Balloon arches don’t always have to be of a large design. A simple table decoration at special events created using smaller balloons can be just as effective. {If there is a concrete pillar at the entrance to the venue, why wrap a line of balloons around the pillar to add colour to the entrance}

Why not use a professional balloon arch designer to bring colour and decoration to your event.


Balloon arches will create a very effective and eye catching focal point at any party. The choice of balloon colours and finishing effects is unlimited , pearl finish balloons and therefore the design and style of balloon arch can be achieved without the need to spend lots of money.

If you can develop the arch yourself, it will just require you to purchase the materials to create the effect you desire. Balloon arches are a colourful alternative to flowers displays or drapes and in most cases will be much less costly in providing a centre piece at any event.

Whatever your celebration, a balloon arch will give a lasting impression and reminder of your event , Whether it is , a birthday, special anniversary celebration, a wedding or a corporate event, your guests will be sure to leave with a memory of a colourful and decorative display of balloons.

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Anniversary Date Ideas

The concept of dating is not the same as it used to be but it is still regarded among the wonderful loving activities among the couples.

The sole aim of the partners to go on a date is improving the understanding of each other and spending quality time together. People before marriage have certain attitude towards dating where the couple just wants to know each other and spend good time together. On the other hand, those who are already married keep different attitude towards dating.

Married couples have their own tasks and they remain busy in their own work most of the time.Couples after wedding rarely manages time of dating. That is the reason why the married couples try to make the maximum fun and enjoyment whenever they go for a date with their partner. Whenever, opportunity for dating comes, married couples want to get out and have a blast. Spending time with each other is the most important aspect and dating provides this opportunity to the couples. Take a break from your work and go out on dating.

For married couples, the choices to go out on a date is not spontaneous. They prefer to wait for a special occasion and plan the date accordingly. Talking about special dates, nothing can be more appropriate than going on a date on wedding anniversary. This is certainly the most special day for the married couples. After marriage, couples generally don’t say much about their interests and expectations but they definitely like surprises, mainly from their partner. Hence, there is no greater choice than surprising the partner by asking to go on a date on wedding anniversary.

Do you also think that going out on a date on the anniversary day is something enjoyable and special? Check out some excellent ideas on anniversary dating.

Impress Your Spouse with Gift

You can surprise your partner with many things and providing an impressive gift is a great idea. Plan in advance, what gift you want to present to your partner but make sure that he/she doesn’t have a clue that you are going to gift him/her something.The feeling that these surprises generate is beyond words to express.Gift something that your spouse would like. Your present must put up with a similarity to your expression of feelings, care and love towards your spouse.

If you like to know more about what you should buy for your partner, visit Anniversary Dating Gifts

Plan a holiday

When it becomes difficult to spend time with your partner, take a break from your schedule and plan out a holiday on the date of your wedding anniversary. Involve your partner in the planning process and equally decide on a romantic place where you both can have a brilliant trip. Shopping, movie or dinner are common- try a vacation and make some memorable experiences.

If you like to read more about anniversary dating ideas, check out Anniversary Dating Ideas

Re-live the magic of your first ‘Dating’

Remember the place where you and your spouse met first? Take your spouse to that spot. Re-live that ‘first-meeting’ day and cruise through the memories. Remember what you have done on your first meeting? Repeat such acts and surprise your partner. Speak out, laugh, and cry by holding each others hands- you will always cherish your anniversary.

Anniversary is definitely special; make it more special by planning a ‘date’.

I hope these ideas helped you to making your anniversary date exciting and special. I also like to show you a full review of 1000 Questions for Couples. This will help you know more about your partner about the past, things he/she likes and dislikes, etc by asking questions. Check it out!

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Top Choices of Capresso Burr Grinder

There is no better tasting cup of coffee than that which is made with freshly ground beans. A Capresso Burr Grinder gives you perfectly ground coffee every time, so that you can easily enjoy a great cup of coffee in your own home.

Grinding Beans at Home

Grinding your own coffee beans involved a long process and the end results were questionable. Now, though, with electric coffee grinders, like a Capresso Burr Grinder, the process is made simple.

Fresh ground beans are amazing. Fresh ground coffee is aromatic and retains flavor, which will greatly increase the rich flavor of your coffee.

Capresso Burr Grinder Types

There are a lot of options in burr grinders that are offered by Capresso. The types of Capresso Burr Grinder are conical burr and burr. The conical burr grinder is be inclined to create an excellent and consistent grind. Burr grinders grind very quickly for a fast cup of coffee.

Finding the Right Grinder

If you want to involve knowing what to look for in a grinder you have to find the right grinder first. Here are the main things that you should expect from a grinder:

  • Capresso Burr Grinders are the quietest grinders on the market.
  • These grinders have built in safety features.
  • They are simple to use and clean.

Tips for Using a Grinder

Grinding beans at home is made easy with a Capresso Burr Grinder, but your efforts will be lost if you do not follow a few simple rules. Keep in mind a few things below :

  • Tap the grinder lightly before opening to ensure grounds do not fly all over when you open the grinder.
  • Only grind what you need for the freshest flavor.
  • Store beans in an air tight container to retain freshness and flavor.

With these things in mind, your Capresso Burr Grinder should help you to get the best tasting cup of coffee right in your own home.


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Choosing Capresso Burr Grinder is Simple

There is no better tasting cup of coffee than that which is made with freshly ground beans. A Capresso Burr Grinder gives you perfectly ground coffee every time, so that you can easily enjoy a great cup of coffee in your own home.

Grinding Beans at Home

It’s not good enough to grind your own coffee beans because it requires a long process and the end results were doubtful. Now, though, with electric coffee grinders, like a Capresso Burr Grinder, the process is made simple.

The amazing fresh ground beans and aromatic fresh ground coffee retains flavor that may really increase the rich flavor of your coffee.

Capresso Burr Grinder Types

Capresso offers many options in burr grinders. The types of Capresso Burr Grinder are conical burr and burr. Conical burr grinder tend to produce a fine and consistent grind. Burr grinders grind very quickly for a fast cup of coffee.

Finding the Right Grinder

If you want to involve knowing what to look for in a grinder you have to find the right grinder first. Here are the main things that you should expect from a grinder:

  • Capresso Burr Grinders are the quietest grinders on the market.
  • These grinders have built in safety features.
  • They are simple to use and clean.

Tips for Using a Grinder

It’s easy to grind beans at home with a Capresso Burr Grinder, but if you do not follow a few simple rules your efforts will be lost. Here a few things to keep in mind:

  • When you open the grinder, tap the grinder lightly to ensure grounds do not fly all over.
  • Only grind what you need for the freshest flavor.
  • Store beans in an air tight container to retain freshness and flavor.

With these things in mind, your Capresso Burr Grinder should help you to get the best tasting cup of coffee right in your own home.


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Tasty Italian Dishes


One of the best cuisines in the world is the Italian cuisine, with fine dishes like pasta and pizza. If you do not know how to make Italian dishes, there are many cooking lessons that you can take. Italian cooking is not difficult and basic cooking courses can teach you how to make simple but tasty dishes which can also be fun and relaxing. Most people enjoy a fantastic smell, appealing look and taste when preparing Italian food. The Italian kitchen offers everything from appetizers and main courses to desserts and drinks. Many who have toured Italy or tried some authentic Italian cooking will agree that one should take the time and cook an Italian dish from scratch to enjoy the full flavor and taste.


Great Appetizers

Before having the main course, people often start with a great appetizer. Made with French baguette, olive oil and tomatoes, Bruschetta is a well loved Italian appetizer. Garlic bread is another appetizer which is easy to make and is very tasty. If you want to eat something light, you can opt for a salad for an appetizer. Italians offer tomatoes and mozzarella with olive oil and basil, really tasty and light.


Tasty Main Courses

There is a lot of Italian dishes that are great for the main course. Pasta is very popular in Italian dishes. Tomato sauce, meat sauce, Alfredo, quatro formaggi, carbonara and pasta tutti mare are just some of the dishes that are easy to cook in your own home with little effort. While we think about pasta, let us not forget the wonderful rice dishes Italian cooking offers such as risotto with mushrooms, cheese and meat.


The Best Part of a Meal

Many say that dessert is the best part of a meal. There are even cooking lessons that teach you only how to make desserts. Italian desserts are almost always tasty and mouthwatering. The famous tiramisu is as hard to make as it looks but once you have mastered how to make it at home, you will never eat a ready-made one again. Italian desserts also offer a variety of ice creams and other delicious delicacies to satisfy any sweet tooth. Some desserts are easier to make than others but most of them are very tasty.


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New York City for Chocolate Lovers

New York City has many boutiques that offer exceptional, hand-made chocolates. Many of these luxurious treats can only be found here in the city.

They also have fabolus cafes, cool chocolate events and inspiring factories where you can watch how these gourmet treats are being made. A box of luxury, fine chocolate is the perfect gift for a special occasion like Mothers Day or Valentines.

Jacques Torres Chocolate

A visit to Jacques Torres Chocolate feels like stepping into a small European specialty store. The store is filled with hand-made yummy treats. Enjoy a hot chocolate and a freshly baked pain au chocolat in the cafe while you watch the delicious chocolates being made in the factory. Visit Jacques Torres DUMBO in Brooklyn or the new cafe on Hudson Street.


Martine’s Chocolates

Here you find hand-made gourmet chocolates. The chocolates are made from fresh, natural ingredients, for example Belgian chocolate, French butter and fresh American cream. You can find Martines Chocolates at Bloomingdales and the new store Martines Chocolates too.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Vosges lets you travel the world of luxury haut-chocolates. Their bestseller says it all. It is an exotic truffle collection of gourmet dark, milk and white chocolate truffles infused with exotic and traditional spices, herbs and flowers from around the world. Go to their chocolate boutique in SoHo or Vosges Haut-Chocolate Madison Avenue and join their FREE chocolate events.


With chocolate so beautiful its hard to take a bite. Here you can listen to jazz at the Cacao Bar every Wednesday from 7:30 pm to 10 pm. Visit them at MarieBelle On Madison or at MarieBelle Soho.


In this shop in Greenwich Village you can find chocolates in memorable shapes such as Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. Their chocolate trains, baseballs, dogs and dinosaurs make great gifts. You find Li-Lac Chocolates in Greenwich Village and in Market Hall in Grand Central Terminal.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

At Max Brenner you’re in for a different type of chocolate experience. How about chocolate soup or a chocolate pizza. Look inside and check out the chocolate pipe system.

There are 2 of these chocolate restaurant in New York City. Max Brenner on 2nd Ave and on Broadway.

La Maison du Chocolat

The chocolate artists at La Maison du Chocolat invites you to discover their collections: ganache, truffles, pralines, glazed chestnuts, hot chocolate Enjoy their chocolates at La Masion du Chocolat Madison Avenue, La Maison du Chocolat Rockefeller center and La Maison du Chocolat on Wall Street


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Top Wall Mounted Wine Rack Guide!

If you want to have a wall mounted wine rack, you may want to  consider build it by yourself cause it’s very easy job to do, especially if  you’re handy.

You can make a wall mounted wine rack easily by using an old  kitchen cabinet. Purchase an one cabinet at a garage sale or perhaps use your  own old cabinet if you have one.

Simple  Steps to Creating Your Own Wall Mounted Wine Rack:

* Take the door off of the cabinet. It’s important that you take any  brackets as well as the shelves out of the cabinet.

* Find out how many shelves your wall mounted wine rack should  have by measuring the height of the cabinet.

* Use a saw to cut shelves for your wine rack. Make a back and front for  each shelf.

* To create the neck holders you will need to drill 1″ holes in  the center of the board. You will need to determine how many wine bottles will  fit across the width of your cabinet.

* Repeat step 4 by using a 4″ hole cutter for the rear shelves. These  ones will go in the back of your wall mounted wine rack.

* Use a paint and stain to finish the  shelves and the cabinet.

* Once your paint or stain is dry it is time to assemble the Wall  Mounted Wine Rack. Use brackets to mount the shelves in the front and in the  back of your cabinet.

* Once everything is in place you will be able to mount your wine rack  on the wall.

Pick  your favorite bottles of wine to display in your masterpiece! Your friends will  be impressed with your craftsmanship and you will feel proud of yourself! Perhaps you want to  celebrate it by drinking your syrah wine.

Pretty  soon everyone will be asking how you made such a gorgeous piece out  of an old kitchen cabinet. Who would think a new wine glass racks was actually made from  kitchen cabinet?

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